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    Styli-Style Blog

    Unusual Lines

    Not all runway looks need to be reserved to the runway or editorial ads. We took these looks as inspiration for a fun way to switch up our usual eyeliner routine.

    Floating Liner

                Using The Stylus Liquid Eyeliner in Jaded Green, we created a bold yet subtle eye look. When applied right over the crease of the lids, this can also create a cut-crease-esque look.  You can also pair this with a shade of Colorlash Mascara for an extra pop of color.


                The ultimate brow highlight can be a fun statement and way to switch up your usual brow routine. After filling in your brows normally, pick your favorite metallic liner and create a line directly below the last half of the eyebrow. Starting just after the arch, create a thin line using Liquid Metals. You can build this line to be as thick as you want.

    Lip Looks We Love!

    Step up you lip game this Fall with these🔥lip trends! 

    Duo Tone, Ombre, 90's Grunge, and Glossy Vamp are the looks to try!

    90's Grunge 

    The easiest of the Fall lip trends. Just swipe on a brown nude or brownish brick red and voila! We love Make it Matte in Nude Attitude and Luxe Lips in Hit the Bricks for this trend. 

    For a more subtle 90's nod, try a light brown nude like Nude Attitude.

    Go a little bolder in a deep brownish brick red like Hit the Bricks

    Ombre Lip

    Love the ombre look but think it's too difficult to pull off? Think again! First grab two shades in the same color family, then read on for our 3 easy steps to a perfect ombre lip. 

    Step 1: Line your lips with the darker shade (we used Make it Matte in Vamplify) filling in a little in the outer corners. 

    Step 2: Fill in the middle with the lighter shade (we used Luxe Lips in Kiss & Tell).

    Step 3: Using your fingers, tap the areas where the two colors meet to blend them together, adding more of the darker shade as needed. 

    Duo Tone

    Create stunning contrast with a duo tone lip. They key to pulling off this look is to pick two complementing colors (opposites on the color wheel). 

    Step 1: Take the lighter of the two shades and sweep it on the top lip (we used Make it Matte in Soft Shock). 

    Step 2: Apply the darker shade to the bottom lip (we used Make it Matte in Wildside). 

    Step 3: Blot with a tissue or your finger to avoid mixing the two shades. 

    Glossy Vamp

    Everyone knows vampy lips are a Fall staple. This year, turn this classic look up a notch by going super glossy. 

    Step 1: Sweep on a dark vampy shade all over (we used Luxe Lips in Her Majesty). 

    Step 2: Layer on a clear gloss (we used Go to Gloss in Clarity) to amplify the shine!

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