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    Styli-Style Blog

    Have More Fun With Your Look!

    It’s easy to get comfortable with products and fall into a routine. Let’s be real we all have our go to look that we can do with our eyes closed and still get a decent result! That’s fine and all, but it’s refreshing to try something new and have a little fun with your look. Whether that’s with an eyeshadow shade that’s outside of your comfort zone, an unexpected blush color, or even a colored mascara you can have fun and put together a gorgeous look.

    Having more fun with your look isn’t just for the weekend, you can make small and subtle changes for daily wear. We have some suggestions for different everyday occasions for you to try!


    Work can be the most intimidating place to try something new because you want to have some fun, but look professional at the same time and we get it. Our suggestion for you is to ditch the traditional black eyeliner and substitute it for a colored eyeliner. Whether you use the Stylus Liquid Liner for sharp precision on your top lid or the Line & Seal Eyeliner to blend along your bottom lash line you are sure to shake things up.

    If eyeliner isn’t your thing, try using a single eyeshadow color all over your lid. Use a soft transition shade in your crease, then use any Pressed Pigment of your choice to apply all over your lid.


    Just because some of your classes are boring that doesn’t mean your makeup has to be. Bring some excitement to your day by swapping out your black Extreme Volume Mascara for a cool colored mascara. Colorlash - Color Mascara has three shades to choose from to compliment each eye color. Colored mascara is a subtle way to add some spunk to your look.

    If you want to really switch things up, try an unexpected blush color for your cheeks! Forget the soft rosy pink and go for a brighter pink or deep rusty orange. Keep the eyes and lips simple to make sure all the attention is on your popping cheeks.


    Going out to dinner can even get repetitive when you rotate between your favorite restaurants. So let’s call this ‘the new look for the new dinner spot’! Achieve a fun dinner look by creating a colored winged liner with a complimentary metallic eyeshadow. Our favorite combo is Liquid Metals in the shade Guitar Solo all over the lid. Then top it off with a bold winged liner using the Stylus in Jaded Green. The metallic silver pairs perfectly with the emerald green liner and just might become your new go to!

    Now it’s time for you to try out a look or two and tell us which one you love! 

    Spring Cleaning (Yes That Means Your Makeup Bag Too!)

    Not everyone is a fan of spring cleaning, especially when it comes to cleaning out your makeup bag. Throwing away precious makeup that you've barely used can be heartbreaking (believe us we know). But the good news is by cleaning out your makeup bag, you are making room for new makeup goodies! That’s a good reason to spring clean if you ask me.

    Our tip on cleaning out your makeup bag is to start with the products that you barely use or use once in a blue moon. If you hardly use these products chances are they are ones you rarely look at and they might be expired. This is an easy and painless way of deciding what to keep and what you should get rid of.

    Once you’ve gotten rid of your least favorite products it’s time to check all your staple products. Look for ones that are basically finished (including that blush pan with a couple powder crumbs left) and toss them. It’s obviously time for some brand new product.

    Now time for the fun part… fill up your makeup bag again! Here are some products that are worth restocking on! 

    Our Favorites

    We hope these tips help you with your spring cleaning!


    5 Steps for Glam on the Go

    We all have those days that you snooze your alarm one too many times. The days you decide to sacrifice full faced glam for just a few more minutes of sleep. No matter what the case may be you, you still want to look put together and we are here to give you five quick steps to achieve glam on the go. We promise this shouldn’t take you longer than ten minutes!

    Step One: Apply your favorite Beautifully Balanced Foundation for a fresh, flawless look with a natural finish.

    Step Two: Grab your Brow Express - Brow Powder Duo. This simple applicator allows you to fill in your brows quickly!

    Step Three: Use your High Impact Series - Vol 3 Lust for Blush palette to cut down time finding the best shade. You’ll have a variety to blend together and achieve the perfect flushed look.

    Step Four: Nothing screams glam more than long, curled lashes. You don’t have to spend a ton of time to get beautiful lashes with our Define Lifting & Curling mascara.

    Step Five: Round out this look with the application of our Perfect Pout - Long Lasting Lip Balm. The tinted lip balm takes seconds to apply and ties your whole look together.

    Now that you are equipped for fast glam you can hit snooze guilt free, get a few extra Z’s, and still look fabulous!

    Comment below and share other Styli-Style products that you use for glam on the go!

    Fifty Shades of Red

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we know everyone wants to rock the classic red lip. A red lip can make you feel empowered and make your pout standout! While we may not have fifty shades of red, we have a shade and finish for just about everyone. From bright red lip liners to the perfect glossed red, or even the deepest red we’ve got you covered.

    If you’re new to the red lip game, but want to try it out, then our Perfect Pout - Long Lasting Lip Balm is just what you need. The tinted lip balm with buildable coverage gives you just the right amount of pigment and control you want. Choose between the shades Ravishing Red and Captivating Crimson.

    All about that matte look? Make It Matte in the shade Red with a Twist is perfect for you. This red shade with gold glitter and a creamy semi-matte finish is super pigmented. This will last on your lips all day and won’t dry out. A Valentine’s Day dream!

    If you want a creamy lipstick that lasts all day you need Luxe Lips - Creamy Lipstick! Available in three red shades: Kiss and Tell a cherry red with blue undertones, Fireball a bright red orange, and Hit the Bricks which is a deep brick red.

    Top off any of these reds with our Go To Gloss to amplify your look. Iconic is a blood red shade that can be worn on its own for a bold statement lip. Or simply apply our clear gloss Clarity over any red lip for a high shine look.

    Comment below and tell us what red you’ll be wearing this Valentine’s Day!  

    Everyone's Favorite 2018 Trend

    What is the trend that beauty experts plan to see rise in 2018?! Ethical beauty! Beauty experts believe that ethical beauty will be one of the top trends this year and we could not agree more.


    Vegan and cruelty-free products began to catch traction in 2017, but in 2018 this trend is going to be even bigger. You can plan to see more and more products that are cruelty-free. It is apparent that now more than ever consumers are concerned with not only what they are putting in their body, but what they're putting on their body. Color cosmetics included. The importance of how products are made is equally important to how the product feels and performs. Feeling confident about the products you use goes far beyond how it makes you look; you can get a whole new sense of confidence knowing your products are made ethically. A brand’s product with stellar performance isn’t enough anymore, a brand’s values go hand in hand with their products.  

    Here at Styli-Style we are proud to be a brand that stands behind cruelty-free products and a growing assortment of vegan options. We celebrate this great trend and hope to continue to be more than just a brand, but part of a shift in the beauty industry for ethical beauty!

    Is this a trend that you’re excited for? Share your thoughts with us below!

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