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Why We Stopped Using Makeup Wipes

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Let’s be honest, after a long and exhausting day the first thing you want to do when you get home is take off all your makeup. Makeup wipes are easy and fast but you need about 2 each time you remove your makeup. Not only do they not remove makeup all the way with the first wipe, but it can be irritating for those with sensitive skin. 

The biggest reason we stopped using makeup wipes is the waste! All the wipes certainly add up in the trash and we figured there was a better way to remove makeup and help the environment.

Our easy alternative to using makeup wipes is the Simply the Best Makeup Removing Lotion. Not only is it super sensitive and easy on the eyes, but it’s super effective. It can remove waterproof mascara with just one pump. Once you rub it onto your face you can just wipe it away with a cloth and it leaves your face makeup free and hydrated.

Ditch makeups wipes and opt for a more eco friendly makeup remover!

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