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Styli-Style's Sweet 16!

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This month Styli-Style turned 16 years old and like all sweet sixteens we want to make it a special year! Let’s reminisce on the past and explore how we became who we are today.

The Beginning

Ever wonder exactly what Styli-Style means or where we got our name from? Styli is actually the plural for Stylus. Styli-Style actually began exclusively with pencils and our first few products were the  Stylus Liquid eyelinerLine and Seal 24, and the Flat Eye Pencil. The name paid homage to our first few products that helped to create eye artistry.

An Evolution

From our roots we wanted to provide quality products at an affordable price point! Like most 16 year olds we evolved and recognized we wanted to provide more than just pencils. This is when we developed some of our favorite products like our  Beautifully Balanced Foundation and Pressed Pigment single shadows!

Present Day

We want to continue to grow and evolve and produce great products at a great price. 

Let us know what you think of our story and share a photo with your favorite products! 

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